how to solve a rubik cube in a simpmethod in vedicmaths


If you know how to solve a 3×3×3 then you will learn fast how to solve the Rubiks Revenge. The biggest difference is that the 4×4×4 doesn’t have a fixed center piece which determines the color of a face. First you have to find which color goes where by checking the corner pieces. According to this you have to make the 2×2 centers and after that pair the corresponding edge pieces. When this is done correctly the puzzle can be solved like a 3×3×3 Rubiks Cube.

1. Solve the center first,

Begin with the white 2×2 center. This can’t be a problem. Then in the opposite side make the yellow center. Algorithm to move pieces from the front face to the top: R* U U R*’, where R* means you have to rotate the two right layers together.

When white and yellow centers are done check the corner pieces to figure out the locations of the other four centers. Hold the cube in your hands with the white and yellow facing right and left. Do the next 4 centers one-by-one using the previous algorithm not messing up the already solved pieces. Double check that the centers are on the right place.

2. Pair the corresponding edge pieces

U* L` U L U*` D* R F` U R` F D*`

Using the U* L` U L U*` (and it’s symmetric: U*’ R U’ R’ U*) algorithm get every edge piece next to its pair. Be careful to use this algorithm so there are no paired edges on the left-top of the cube, because they will be messed up. You can use the D* R F` U R` F D*` algorithm if the corresponding edges are facing each other. This algorithm is not messing up other pieces.

3. Solve the Cube like a 3×3×3

4. Solve parities

In some cases you might be facing parity. Some pieces are switched or oriented in the wrong way. We have some long algorithms to fix these issues. I marked from 1 to 16 the fields on the top (U) of the cube.

To switch 1 and 16 take the cube so these are facing up and do the algorithm:
2U* 2L* 2U 2l – 2U 2L* 2U* R U` L 2U R` – U R L` U` L 2U R` U L` U

To switch 13 and 16 do the following algorithm:
2U* 2L* 2U 2l 2U 2L* – 2U* F` U` F U – F R` 2F U F U – F` U` F R

Re-arrange 14 and 15 in the same time with the following:
2R* 2B 2U L* 2U – R*` 2U R* 2U 2F – R* 2F L*` 2B 2R*


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