How to solve these question

How to solve these question that nobody Was in The shopkeeper snid he was told Recta that she going bet mother-s home rhe "10ther said that the dinner was ready father said thal he was going I-he teacher said that exams were approaching S. The principal said that Aseem was a lary boy. 0. Tbc s tster told her brother that she was very unhappy. JO. Poonam said that she was participating in the compeut┬źn,.

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2. The teacher told Prateek, "Neeta will not pass."
3. The shopkeeper said, "I am tired."
4. Asma told Rita, "I am going to my mother's home."
5. The mother said, "Dinner is ready."
6. The father said, "I am going to my office."
7. The teacher said, "Exams are approaching."
8. The Principal said, "Aseem is a lazy boy."
9. The sister told her brother, "I am very unhappy."
10. Poonam said, "I am participating in the competition."


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