How to solve this?

How to solve this? 001 Carina had some stickers. — 01 them were dinosaur stickers ond the rest were flower Stickers, She dlvided the dinosaur stickers equally amonq some boys that each boy received — Of the stickers. She divided the flower stickers equally arnonq sorne girls such that each girl recelved — of the stickers. (a) How many boys were there? (b) How many girls were there?

Dear Studentdinosaur stickers : flower stickers =25:35 =2:32 : 3 =20:30 Therefore  number of boys 20 units x (1/10) = 2 units (dinosaur stickers each boy received) 20/2 = 10  number of girls30 units x (1/5) = 6 units (flower sticker each girls received) 30/6 = 5therefore number of boys =10number of girls =5

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