How to write a letter to my frind to ask him how he spend his puja in his town.You are ravi.

Sample Letter:

Dear Farhan,

It's been long that we have exchanged words. Hope everything is fine at your end. How did you spend your Puja vacation?

As you already know, we celebrate Saraswati Puja on a very large scale here at my colony. It was a day very well spent. Puja, prasad, lunch, everything seemed perfect. What did you do? I hope you didn't study anything as it is considered to bring ill omen to open books on this day. Quite a myth I know, especially when this puja occurs before our final exams every year.

You write to me or give me a call sometime soon so that we can catch up on all that we missed in the past few months.

Take good care and stay in touch.



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