how to write a letter?

You may refer to the following formats for writing letters. 



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which letter informal or formal?

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in all kinds of letters there are six points to be attended :

1. the heading consisting of writer's heading (a) the writers address

                                                                                 (b) the date

2. the courteous salutations or greetings 

3.the communication or body of the letter

4. the subscription or leave taking

5. your name or signature (name is usually used ) .

4.the subscription or leave taking

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  • Writing a letter, its length and style of presentation;
  • letter format, appropriate to particular journal;
  • purpose of a letter, varying between journals;
  • messages, effective if put succinctly;
  • purpose of a letter, comment and communication;
  • etiquette and style for letters in response to an article;
  • responding letter, offering support/criticism of rationale, method;
  • guidelines for a letter in response to an article;
  • criticism offered, being professional and courteous;
  • presentation of a concise report as a letter
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