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Bindu , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 11/3/13

how to write biosketch ?i just want urgently.

Kavya Nair , added an answer, on 20/4/10
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in bio sketch,points or clues wil b givn...u jst hav to elaborate those points.....u shud nt add any extra points.. 

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Ayushi Wakankar , added an answer, on 20/4/10
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Try This
Given below is a profile of Mr. Raj, the school gardener. Write a short bio sketch of Mr. Raj. You could take the help of the clues given below:   (4 marks)
  • age- around 50 years
  • height/weight- six feet, solid built
  • family- large _six children, four boys, two girls
  • education- high school
  • his likes/dislikes-plant, nursery, manure, organic
  • why he is popular/unpopular- believes children are like young saplings….
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Varsha Sathees , added an answer, on 12/9/10
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 n u also hav 2 to give a suitable topic.......

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Mohd. Aslam Shaikh , added an answer, on 19/4/10
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A biosketch is a brief summary of you or someone else's professional /educational accomplishments, publications, and affiliations--an abbreviated curriculum vitae--meant to highlight important aspects of your training, experience, and areas of interest.

In plain words...its a "light sketch" of a persons life.

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Saima , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 11/3/13

A biographical sketch or bio sketch is a brief narrative that contains details about an individual’s life, career, background, activities etc. It develops an understanding of the people, place, times, and events in which the individual lived. It tells the story in a style and tone that the reader/listener can relate to the person. It talks about the person’s influence on the world. Thus, in this way, a bio sketch includes, almost all the major details of an individual.


For the format of bio-sketch, kindly follow the link below:



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Shahrin Marwa , added an answer, on 23/9/12
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 @bella_edward ....y cant we add extra points if we know more abt tht person ???

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sukhi4518... , added an answer, on 3/10/11
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hi send


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Keerthi , added an answer, on 8/7/12
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 i dont knw

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