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Notice   writing is an important part of English writing course in many education boards including CBSE. Notices are used in our life in many ways .Thus it is essential for us to understand utility, features and syntax of a good notice.
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Suppose you lost your watch in school playground; you can place a notice on school notice board to appeal to return it to you. Your teachers can put a notice here to inform about exam dates, change in syllabus, essay competition or educational tour to Jaipur etc.
            You must have seen “public notice” in newspaper given by government, lawyers or some company. These bring public attention to some important issues. Interested viewer of a notice can be specific like student of a school or general like readers of a newspaper. Notices are actually needed to be pasted, clipped or published at a place where many interested persons visit to look for information. This place can be notice board of a school, reception desk of an office, bank, court, Websites of govt. department or any company, notice column of a newspaper or any other place where people come frequently.
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A good notice should have following features 1) Briefà a notice should provide information in minimum number of words .About 40 to 50 words are enough. Sentences should be short. No repletion; No introduction; only to the point information.   2) CompleteàNotice should provide complete information. If you are writing notice about sports competition, it should tell about participation criteria like age limit, fees if any, Date, venue, chief guest, prize etc.   3) Authority  à Notice must include name of authority who is issuing the notice. It can be you (as in the case of watch lost in school playground), teacher, principal, manager of bank, secretary of departments etc.   4) ClarityàThere should not be any ambiguity in the information. Message should be straight forward. Thus brevity, completeness and clarity are the main ingredients of a good notice.
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Name of Institution(in center)
NOTICE (in center)
Date (Left)


(Your Name)
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A notice has three parts- head, body and authority /contact person   1)      Head à it is the eye catcher. It tells the main topic or issue of the notice.   Example:   a) notice- dance competition.                   b) notice- Annual magazine of school                   c) notice- sports competition.                   d) notice- change in interest rates of bank.   2)      Body à all information is provided here   3)  Authority /contact person à Name or/ and signature of notice issuing authority should be included in the end. If notice requires meeting with someone to submit name, paper or other things, contact person name, phone and meeting place and time should also be included. Contact person is also required for further clarification and information.
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Examples       Q1) you are siddhart, head boy of KGIL international school. Your school is publishing annual magazine next month. Write a notice for your school notice board and invite write ups from the student.   Ans)   Notice – Annual Magazine   Our school is publishing annual magazine next month. Interested students can submit their articles, stories, essays, poems, jokes, etc to the undersigned in room no 205, in 4thperiod before 15th of this month. Mention your name, class, roll no, and also submit one photograph. Write up should be original. In choosing content decision of selection committee will be final.   Siddhart Head boy – KGIL international school  
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कर्म के लिए भक्ति का आधार होना आवश्यक है |
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                                                      Name of the school, institution or place


Name of authorized signatory
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Question-St.Thomas school has planned an inter class debate competition. Write a notice for the school notice board informing students of the competition. Give details like date, time etc. in 50-60 words.
                                                                       St.Thomas School
                                                                        Inter Class Debate Competition
August 14, 20XX

An inter class debate competition will be held on August 20, 20XX at 11 am in the conference hall. The topic for the debate is 'Development in Science' boon or bane' Interested students may give their names to the undersigned on or before August 18 20XX.

For any query contact the undersigned.

Vaibhav Singh

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