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•   Adolescence: The period of life, when the body undergoes changes, leading to reproductive maturity is known as adolescence.
   Generally, adolescence begins at the age of 11 and lasts upto 18 or 19 years of age. Adolescents are also called teenagers because they cover the period of the teens  i.e. 13 to 18 or 19 years of age.
•   Puberty: The period of adolescence during which a adolescent reaches sexual maturity and becomes able to have children.
   Changes at Puberty
   During puberty sudden increase in height takes place. This happens due to elongation of long bones of legs and arms that make a person tall.
   Girls grow faster than boys by about 18 years of age, both reach their maximum height. The rate of growth in height varies in different individual.
        Height of an individual (male or female) depends on the genes inherited from parents. However, right kind of food during growing years is also essential.
   Calculation for full height (cm): The average rate of growth in the height of boys and girls with age given in the chart helps in calculating full height of the individuals.

        Calculation for full height (cm)

For example: A girl is 9 years old and 120 cm tall. At the end of the growth period she is likely to be
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   Boys develop larger voice boxes (Larynx) to form a protruding part of throat called Adam's Apple. Boys have deep voice.
        In Girls, larynx is hardly visible (Adam's apple not visible). They have pitched voice.
•   Change in Body Shape: In boys, at the age of puberty, shoulders generally broaden as a result of growth. In boys, the muscles of the body grow prominently than in the girls.
        In girls, the region below the waist becomes wider. The muscles also comparatively grow less.

Fig. 10.1 Adam's apple in grown up boy.
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