how was battle of Plassey differ from battle of Buxar? pls ans as soon as possible.

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You can study the differences between the two battles by knowing their dates, causes  and consequences. A tabular study will help you learn them point wise. Make use of the table below to study the two wars: Battle of Buxar and Plassey.


A Comparative study
 Battle of PlasseyBattle of Buxar
Causes1)The British misinterpreted the Mughal farman1) Conflict between Mir kasim, the Nawab of Bengal and The British
 2) The British misused the dastaks or free passes.2)The British misused the farman of 1717 and the dastaks.
 3) Siraj-ud-daula was an amateur and his authority was weaker as compared to the British3)The misbehaviour of the British officials
 4) The British fortified Calcutta against the orders of the Nawab. 
Results1) It made way for the complete rule of British over Bengal and eventually whole of India.1)It made the British , the real ruler of bengal, Bihar and Orissa
 2)Boosted the image of British2)The Nawab oF Awadh was made dependent on the Company
 3)Enabled the Company to amass untold wealth at the cost of administration 
 4)Marked the beginning of the economic exploitation of  India. 

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