how was the new ruler of the state selected?

new ruler's selection was a part of sarcasm of the story. the ministers after having their king hung, they were confused and without even thinking they said that whoever will enter the city gate first, that person will utter the name of the king. and an i d i o t entered, as loved the melons a lot, he uttered melon and the ministers crowned the melon and put it on the throne with all royal processions.

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In this story the people want to live freely ,without any rules or regulation being imposed on them.They want to live by their own terms. So to do so they come up with a plan to elect a king by asking the next person who enters the gate.Luckily for tem the person said 'melon'.Thereby they elected the melon as the ruler of the kingdom.The whole story mocks the system of kingship .
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