how we can conserve natural vegetation and wildlife?


we can conserve natural vegetation and wildlife bydoing the following:

reduce your usage of water and energy, avoid using plastic, switch over to eco friendly products, use a bicycle instead of your car etc. Resources like water were once thought to be plentiful, today it are in short supply, simple things we can do at home, like turning off the faucet when brushing our teeth, taking shorter showers, washing only full loads of clothes or dishes can save plenty of water each day.Cut down on the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.Re-introduce hedge rows, plant more bird friendly trees.

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what is important of forest?

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scientists who capture fish from depths of 1000m or more for study have to bring them to the surface in pressurized containers. why do they do this
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  Conservation means "Wise Use". Sometimes, this means preservation, as many people think, but it goes well beyond that. Sometimes it means encouragement, as with the breeding of endangered species, such as the whooping crane. Sometimes it means management, as with white-tailed deer. Ask a farmer to post no-hunting signs right after deer have ravaged his truck crops any you are likely to get a pitchfork up your keester. Sometimes conservation means elimination of a species. I didn't hear anyone complaining when it was announced that smallpox had been wiped out, except for a few lab cultures.
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1. Encouraging eco-tourism. People must see a financial incentive to save natural areas - at least in high density extremely poor areas of the world where jobs and land are at a premium.

2. Recycling our natural resources. Mining is one of the main causes of deforestation along with timber removal for wood. As more people commit themselves to recylcing, use of natural resources can be reduced.

3. Funding with - or working with - organizations that actively make a difference in ecosystem and species conservation. Some examples are Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, Oceana, and the Ocean Conservancy. These non-profit organizations are making a difference but can only do what they have money for. Give in whatever way we can.

4. Be careful what we buy. Consider the environment when we are shopping. For example - coffee can be a tremendously destructive crop to the environment. However, when it is shade grown and organically produced, it has does minimal damage and offers higher prices for the laborers, which in turn encourages more coffee to be grown this way. Another example - don't ever buy products that contain palm oil. The spread of palm oil plantations is one of the primary reasons for the destruction of the rain forests in Indonesia and the endangerment of many animals such as the Orangutans and Sumatran Rhinos. When buying a wood product, is it recycled? If not - where is the wood from? Does it have a Forest Stewardship Council Stamp on it? If not - it may very well have been produced from rain forest wood or from a forest in a non-sustainable manner. These companies need to make money and if we're buying something - we can encourage the preservation of the planet rather than the continued destruction.   
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We can conserve the natural resource by:
? Sustainable development.
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The first and foremost thing that?can?be done?to save?the?natural vegetation?is?tostop cultivating the non?native?plants. Avoid using pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals on the plants. Forwildlife,?we?should protect the endangered animals.
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We can conserve wildlife and natural vegetation by stoping deforestation and do afforestation.
For conserving wild life we should stop the games based on hunting animals and also poching.
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You can conserve natural vegetation and wildlife, by using professional guidance and silvacultural methods. Too many people believe they know how to protect nature (the smart ones just leave it alone). Absolutely no one knows how to properly sustain vegetation and wildlife, in equal balance as it would have been maybe 500 years ago. But you can get close to that point. Society (especially American society) will always want a profit and $$$ when doing anything with the environment. There is no such thing as saving the environment, without harvesting something to return what you invested in it. But what we can do to save it is to continue to invest in research to better know how to grow vegetation in the forests, while making a profit, sustaining yield and limiting wildlife habitat disturbance. I have software on my computer to help me do this in my profession, and I also use a lot of common sense and imagination. To get my point across, there will never be a day when humans take the environment over their own agenda's and hunger for money. But I think there will be a day when we can successfully remove timber for investment without disturbing wildlife or reducing growth.
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Natural vegetation can be conserved by not cuting of trees near our surrounding
Reduce pollution
Reduce urbanizastion
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