How we can join two sentences ??

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Any two sentences can be joined with the help of a single word or a combination of words (phrase), to form a single sentence. The process is called Synthesis. This can be done in the following ways:

a) Using a participle (when the two sentences have the same subject)
The boy saw a dog. He ran away.
Seeing a dog the boy ran away.
b) Using infinitives:
She works hard. She wants to pass the test.
She works hard to pass the test.
c) Using Coordinating Conjunctions(when two sentences have equal importance)
Examples: For, But, And, Nor etc
He is experienced. He is out of form.
He is experienced but out of form.
d) Using Subordinating Conjunctions(in the case of a dependent clause, that cannot stand as a separate sentence)
Example: After, If, Before etc
The crowd went mad. After the fall of Sachin’s wicket.
The crowd went mad after the fall of Sachin’s wicket.
e) Using Correlative Conjunctions (in the case of two equally important grammatical units)
Examples: Either, or; Neither, nor; Whether, or etc
Eat the cake; Let me have it.
Either eat the cake or let me have it.


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With the help of conjunctions
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