How we know that the ghost was the like an actor who was proud of the role he had played ?

The protagonist of Oscar Wilde's, "The Canterville Ghost", is as the name suggests a ghost, who takes pride in frightening people. Subsequent to the Ghost's meeting with Mr. Otis and and the twins, the author mentions that the Ghost had "Never, in a brilliant and uninterrupted career of three hundred years, had he been so grossly insulted." Moreover, in the solitude of the hidden chamber, the Ghost recounts his previous achievements in having successfully frightened the earlier inhabitants of Canterville Chase. He reminisces the conditions of  the Dowager Duchess, "whom he had frightened into a fit", four housemaids, the rector of the local parish and of old Madame de Tremouillac, "who, having wakened up one morning early and seen a skeleton seated in an armchair by the fire reading her diary". The author further goes on to mention that the Ghost "with the enthusiastic egotism of the true artist he went over his most celebrated performances, and smiled bitterly to himself ". His reminisces and the author description of the Ghost being a "true artist", helps us analyze his character from the perspective of being an actor. 

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