'How well one delegates determines how well one manages' Do you agree? Support your answer with four suitable points.'

Dear Student,
Through delegation, a manager is in a position to divide the work and allocate it to the subordinates. This helps in reducing his work load in order that he can work on important areas like - planning, business analysis etc.
With the reduction of load on superior, he can concentrate his energy on important and important problems with concern. This way he is able to bring effectiveness in his work as well in the work unit. This effectivity helps a manager to prove his ability and skills within the best manner.
Delegation of authority is that the ground on which the superior-subordinate relationship stands. An organisation functions because the authority flows from top level to bottom. This actually shows that through delegation, the superior-subordinate relationship become meaningful. The flow of authority is from top to bottom which may be a way of achieving results.
Delegation of authority during a way gives enough room and space to the subordinates to flourish their abilities and skill. Through delegating powers, the subordinates get a sense of importance. They get motivated to figure and this motivation provides appropriate results to a priority . Job satisfaction is a crucial criterion to bring stability and soundness within the relationship between superior and subordinates. Delegation also helps in breaking the monotony of the subordinates in order that they will be more creative and efficient


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