How were Islamic architectural forms different from those of the Roman Empire? (answer according to 8marks)

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Islamic architectural Roman Empire
a. These included buildings used for worship, for imparting religious instruction, and included mosques, shrines, tombs. Romans introduced new methods of architecture that included construction of domes, arches, columns
 There buildings reflected unique style comprising of  horseshoe arches,  domes , open courtyards, minarets and twisted columns. They build many multi story structures using row of arches.
There buildings had beautiful carvings, .calligraphy , geometrical designs, decorated with mosaics and paintings.
  Islam however, prohibited the use of animals or plant figures
There buildings were beautifully decorated with murals.
d. They build different styles of mosques like Hypostyle mosque,Four-Iwan mosque and centrally planned mosques. There buildings can be categorised into doric style, ionic style, coriantahn style.
e. Hypostle style had bay comprised of four columns, it also had minarets, mosques had inner courtyard. Doric style had columns with circle and square at the top.
f.Four iwan style was influenced from Persian architecture having opening from one side of the courtyard, Ionic style has a slender shaft and is less imposing as compared with doric style,
g. Centrally planned mosques were famous among the Ottoman empire having spherical domes and minarets. Corinthian style are king of columns with bell shaped capital.


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