how will we constuct a 153* and divide into four equal parts

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The below given steps will be followed to construct an angle of 153º measure and its bisector.

(1) Draw a line l and mark a point O on it. Place the centre of the protractor at point O and the zero edge along line l.

(2) Mark a point A at 153º. Join OA. OA is the required ray making 153º with line l.

(3) Draw an arc of convenient radius, while taking point O as centre. Let it intersect both rays of angle 153º at point A and B.

(4) Taking A and B as centres, draw arcs of radius more than AB in the interior of angle of 153º. Let those intersect each other at C. Join OC.

(5) Let OC intersect the major arc at point D. Now, with radius more than AD, draw arcs while taking A and D as centres, and D and B as centres. Let these be intersecting each other at point E and F respectively. Join OE, OF.

OF, OC, OE are the rays dividing 153º angle in 4 equal parts.

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You have no other way to construct an angle of 153 degree except using a potactor and first bisect it into half then again bisect the bisected part 
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draw an angle of 153 degree 
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using a protracter
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