How will you rate Griffin as a scientist and as a human being? (Footprints without feet) (100-150 words)

Dear student,

Griffin was a brilliant scientist. Fascinated by optical density, he experimented and achieved the ability to be invisible. Instead of putting his proficiency and ability to the service of mankind, he used it to harass and trouble people for his selfish desires. Along the way, he robbed from his father and was unaffected or moved by his death. He ignored all ethics and morality. He became a nuisance: troubling and threatening the people of Iping, forcing Marvel to become his accomplice and killing Wicksteed brutally. he chased Kemp and tried to harm him. Griffin became over-ambitious, anti-social and irresponsible in his pursuit of excellence in Scientific invention. Dr Kemp is shown as an antithetical character to Griffin. Griffin lost the most important component of a good human being: his humanity! As a result, he was left all alone: thirsty, hungry, without food and shelter. At the end of the story, he died a violent death at the hands of the public.


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