How would you describe the character and temperament of Sophie's father ?
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Father of Sophie was a man of strength, integrity, grit, and keen perceptions. He was not wealthy, but he knew, saw, felt, and realised the very essence of life. He had a tough job to keep his family alive. He approached life realistically and had a strong belief in interpersonal relationships. He knew the dynamics of the family because he was a considerate, kind, and sensible father, but he was deadly against unfounded rumors. He was not financially successful, but he always wanted to keep his family members content and happy. His chubby face bore the scars of the hard work of the day.
He liked to travel with his family on weekly pilgrimages and loved sports. He encouraged Danny by seeing the United Team win. He went to the pub to celebrate and drink after winning. When Sophie revealed that Danny was purchasing a business, he produced a disgusted grimace with a nasty look. He disapproved of Sophie's outrageous tales about Danny, and instead forewarned and counselled her about the serious difficulty she would soon find herself in. Despite his aggressiveness, he was a genuine and righteous person. He really frightened Sophie, who said to Jansie, "You know what a misery he is."

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