how would you set up a herbarium?

For setting up a herbarium, things required are Scissors, Spade, bag, newspaper and clean board.
There are three keys steps to set up a herbarium.

The plant is taken out from the land with the help of scissors and spade. These are cut into desirable pieces and remove the infected or unhealthy part.
This is time taking process. The plant part is wrapped in the paper and pressed by a heavy object. The paper should be changed every day until it become dry.
Use the thin tape to mount the specimen. Put the tape only on the hard parts like stem, and leave the delicate part like flower. Label the name, location and features of the specimen.

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To setup a Herbarium you need to follow following steps:

  1. Collection:The material should be perfect and complete
  2. Drying: Collection should be pressed in newspaper.
  3. Poisioning: Specimen are poisoned to keep away microbes.Chemicals like 0.1% corrosive sublimate(HgCl2) is used.
  4. Mounting
  5. Stiching } Dried specimen are glued stiched on Herbarium sheet. International size of Sheet- 41 x 29 cm.
  6. Labelling : Field data is entered on label of size 7 x 12cm
  7. Deposition : Arrangement of genus folder according to accepted classification.

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