Human have cultivated wild cabbage for thousands of years then by artificially selecting the traits are variety of plants have been attained write the characteristics features of each following (1) a.kohlrabi b.cauliflower c.brocoli d.cabbage e.kale (2)since how long cabbage has been cultivated.

Dear student The wild cabbage is a good example to prove that Entirety different looking organism can evolve from the same organism by the process of evolution . The only difference is that we are using artificial selection of evolution instead of natural selection . (1). a) kohlrabi -- Swollen parts b)cauliflower-- Sterile flowers. c)brocoli -- Arrested flower development. d)cabbage -- Very short distances between leaves. e)kale -- Broader leaves (2).The farmers have been cultivating Wild cabbage as a food plant for over thousands of years ago and have produced entirely different looking vegetables like cabbage , broccoli , cauliflower , kohlrabi , and kale from it by artificial selection.... Now. , wild cabbage is the ancestors cabbage and Cabbage, broccoli , kale , cauliflower and khilrabi are new variety of wild cabbage. Regard

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