Humming birds live among yhr bushes in tropics while penguins live on icebergs. they cannot survive if their habitats are reversed. jistify

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Humming birds and penguins​ cannot survive if their habitats are reversed. This is due to the following raesons:
  • Humming birds live in the bushes of tropics as it is their natural habitat and they are adapted to these conditions. They have large surface area as compared to the body volume. Hence, they lose body heat very fast during cold and thus cannot survive cold conditions.
  • On the other hand, penguins are found on icebergs as it is their natural habitat. They have less surface area relative to their body volume. Hence, they do not lose much heat and can survive well in cold conditions.

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yes, they cannot survive when their habitate are reversed ..

that menas if the penguin will be exposed to the yhr bushes in tropics then due to high temp. of that penguin will die beacuse its body mechanism is adjusted to iceberg area ..

and if humming bird will be exposed to the icebergs then also it cannot survive due to the low temp .
and its body structure and metabolism adjusted to tropics area ..


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because besides human being other organism lacks homeostasis
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