I am a state board studend ... I need a help ... Plz can anyone explain me what is the difference between CBSE and NCERT ... Bcuz if i search for cbse book online it shows ncert ... Ans plz

Dear Student,
CBSE is a national level board of education by the union government, and NCERT refers to the cirriculum that CBSE follows. NCERT is an autonomous body of the Government of India and has laid down the framework of how, what & when should a student study on the  basis of research work.
According to your above query, the books referred by CBSE are the ones developed on the NCERT guidelines, and is followed in the entire nation and even abroad.


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CBSE is?the board(such as state board, IGCE etc.) which?is?the governing body. Whereas?NCERT Is?the publishing body or publisher. Most of the?CBSE?schools in India use Textbooks from?NCERT?as they are of good quality.
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Cbse board uses the books from ncert
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Thanks ... This answer helped me a lot
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CBSE is taken from NCERT syllabus
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