I am having difficulty in getting diference between demonstrative andjective and Pronoun pls. help me fast tomoorow SA-1 Exam of English .. Need answer till morning 7 am tomorrow..

Pls Expert help me out..

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Dear friend ,

Demonstrative pronouns are used to point out someone or something. To refer to people or objects close to us, we use "this" or "these." For people or objects further away, we use "that" or "those."

Example of Demonstrative Pronoun 1.This is merely rubbish. 2.These are your books. 3.That is his shirt.

Demonstrative adjectives are actually demonstrative pronouns used to modify a noun. Demonstrative adjectives therefore are used with nouns.

Example of Demonstrative Adjective 1.This pen is mine. 2.These plates are not enough. 3.That book is old.

Hope it helps , and best of luck for your examination .

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