I am unable to write the written tests for English. Javascript is enabled on my browser. Help!

Dear student,
There is as such no forum on website where a user can type and post the answers for subjective questions or written tests. Every student has a different perspective and different way of understanding and answering a subjective question. So, we have provided the correct solutions to the written tests. You can take a written test, write the answers in your own language either in your notebook or on a sheet of paper and compare them with the solutions given on our website

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So it's the fault on ur computer. Don't panic. Just call a mechanic to correct it. Is ur computer old / new? Anyways all the best! It will be ok

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I had the same problem, i called the meritnation expert, he told me that while doing the written test you need to have a pen and paper in your hand.And after answering the questions you can go through the solutions given at the last....

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yaa !! correct ritika !! but if you are houred and good person you should give that ony ............. :P :D

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