I asked a question about equatorial crop. But the expert answered that no such term exist. But it is mentioned in the ncert book class 10 geography. So what is it Is rice an example of such a crop What are the major equatorial crops grown in India

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1.  Rubber is an equatorial crop and under special climatic conditions, it is also grown in tropical and sub tropical areas
2.  It requires moist and humid climate with rainfall around 200 cm and temperature above 25° C
3.  It is mainly grown in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, etc
4.  No, rice is not an equatorial crop as it is kharif crop or monsoon crop and can survive in wetlands, tropical zones etc



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yes thats true
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Equatorial crops are the crops in the equatorial region, i.e., the region around the equator. May as well consider it as the tropical regions. An example is rubber. 
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