"I can't afford to,after what Jack's done to his teeth."What is it,you think you can't afford and why?Write a diary entry of not less than 125 words

19 November 2013                                      9.30 p.m.

I feel horrified to see Jack with diseased and decaying teeth. How beautiful and sparkling teeth he had earlier! But now when he opens his mouth it is a scene of decayed teeth. I simply can't afford to treat my teeth like Jack. I know sparkling teeth add to our personality. Then with healthy teeth we are almost disease-free. I feel that decaying teeth cause bad breath. They invite a horde of germs of other allied diseases. By keeping good teeth, I can laugh at those people who sit in a dentist's chair listening to the terror caused by the whining sound of the drill. I am very conscious to eat good and healthy food and avoid junk food. Then brushing the teeth daily and flushing it with mouth-wash like Listerene has become my habit. There is  no doubt that bright and sparkling teeth are God's gift. We must keep them healthy and in a good condition. It is never difficult to afford keeping them fine and bright.

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