I did a test on Factors and Multiples. This one question below, I got it wrong and I think that it is a mistake from the meritnation. If so, pleas correct it.


Use the following information to answer the next question.

The given figure shows the factor tree of 52 where the numbers in coloured circles are kept missing.

Whichnumbers will fill the green and red circles respectively?

  • A)

    13 and 26

  • B)

    26 and 13

  • C)

    48 and 50

  • D)

    50 and 48

37.42% got it right!Answer:ASolution:

It can be observed that, 52 = 26 × 2 and 52 = 2 × 13

Therefore, thecomplete factor tree of 52 can be drawn as follows:

Thus, the numbers that will fill the green and red circles are 13 and 26 respectively.

The correct answer is A.

I have checked the said question and would like to mention that there is no error in it. Your feedbacks and suggestions are extremely valuable to us , so keep writing.

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