I did'nt started anything in physics .Tell me what i can do?

Dear Student,

First you should start with easily understandable chapters or with which you feel more comfortable. Firstly you should try to understand theory or derivations given in the chapters.After that you should start with solved examples then you can switch over to unsolved queries. By doing this surely you will gain interest in Physics. Try to understand the concepts. Start reading your text book and then go through the study material provided to you with text, interactive videos and many self assessment tests to check your understanding of topic. I advice you to go step by step. By rushing or start with a topic from the middle of the chapter can confuse you and decrease the interest level. I would suggest you to go through your NCERT textbooks thoroughly as they are your main course books. Reference from other books and sources always helps, but it is important to study NCERTs as well.


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Please start basic concepts of physics
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