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in simple language, glands are organs in our body which usually synthesize some substances and release them like we have sweat glands which result in seating during summers. Endocrine glands are glands which secrete hormones. Endocrine means secreting internally i.e. inside the body unlike our sweat glands so, these glands secrete their secretions inside our body. These endocrine glands do not have ducts which means any special passage way or tubes for secretions like we have oesophagus for food and trachea for wind and that is why they are called ductless glands and secrete their secretions which are hormones in the blood directly. The blood will carry it to their respective places where they are needed and control various functions in our body.

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Endocrine glands are glands of the endocrine system that secrete their products,hormones, directly into the blood rather than through a duct. The main endocrine glands include the pituitary glandpancreasovariestestesthyroid gland, and adrenal glands. The hypothalamus is a neuroendocrine organ. 

i cannot be more simple than this Endocrine glands are a group of organs in the body producing hormones that are released directly into the bloodstream.

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The Chemical Coordination in Animals is maintained by the hormones secreted by the Endocrine Gland also known as Ductless glands these glands pour the secretions directly into the blood instead of sending it through various canals or ducts. 

The various endocrine glands in our body are :- 

(i) Pituitary :- Anterior Pituitary secrestes a hormone called growth hormone or Somatotropin(In Humans). Over-Secretion of this hormone leads to Giantism and Under-Secretion to Dwarfism.

(ii) Pineal :- The Pineal Gland produces the Hormone Melatonin, which plays a major role in the sleep/wake cycle

(iii) Thyroid:- Tis gland secretes Thyroxin which regulates metabolism of Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins.Iodine is essential for the secretion of this hormone, And the deficiency of Iodine causes enlargement of thyroid gland resulting in Swelling of neck, a condition known as Goitre. 

(iv) ParaThyroid :- The parathyroid gland's main function is secreting the Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) which increases the level of blood calcium and decreases the level of blood phosphate. 

(v) Hypothalamus :- This secretes seven different types of Hormones namely 

GHRH (Growth hormone releasing hormone) , Growth hormone release inhibitory hormone, CRH (Corticotropin releasing hormone) ,TRH (Thyrotropin releasing hormone, Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), Prolactin inhibitory hormone, PRH (Prolactin releasing hormone)


(vi) Thymus :- There are two lobes to this gland and each are made of Lymphatic tissue. It establishes the immune system from the time of gestation until puberty. After puberty it begins to shrink. 

(vii) Pancreas :- Insulin hormone is secreted by the Pancreas, It converts extra glucose present in our blood into glycogen. It's Deficiency causes increase in blood sugar level, a disease known as Diabetes.As soon as the blood sugar level comes to normal, The pancreatic cells stop secreting Insulin. 

(viii) Adrenal :- Adrenaline hormone is secreted by this Gland. It's target organs include Heart & Arteries. This hormone increases the Heart Beat. 

(ix) Testis in Male and Ovary in Female :- Testis in male secretesa hormone called Testosterone and ovary secretes Estrogen in females. These hormones are responsible for various changes in the body of males and females during puberty. 


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