i do not understand this statement . ("Thus, since the Earth moves on its axis from the east to the west, the stars appear to be moving from the west to the east.")

we all have learnt that earth moves from west to east and that's why we see sun moving from east to west. So, I do not understand this statment in bracket.

Dear Ayush

There is an error in the study material. The earth rotates from west to east.

We appreciate your bringing the errors to our notice. The said topic will be corrected and updated very soon. We shall most definitely try and ensure that such errors do not occur in the future.

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The statement you want to understand is related to the term that ''rest and motion are related terms .'' You can understand this with an example as when we sit in a train we observe that the things inside the train are not moving but the things outside the train are moving . But actually the train is moving . As same as this earth is the train and it is moving but we observe that the things outside the earth such as (stars,sun,etc.) are moving.    Hope this helps.

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