I dream a world
I dream a world where man
Will scorn no other
where Love will bless the earth
and peace will adorn its path .
I dream a world where all
Will know sweet freedoms way
Where greed no longer rules the soul
nor hatred and spite blurs our way .
A world where I dream where black and white
whatever race you maybe
Will share whatever the earth has to give
and every man is free.
where grief will hang Its head
and joy like a Pearl
Attends the need of all mankind

on the basis of your reading of the above poem, choose the correct option from the ones given.
1) in the poet stream world there is no place for ______.
a. Contempt and discrimmination
b. LoveL an Love and tenderness d tenderness
c. Peace and harmony
d. Freedom and joy
2) The expression "where greed no longer use the soul" means _______.
a. In this world where people are greedy
b. A place where people are not guided by personal greed but love and compassion
c. The soul is guided by man's greed
d. The soul is set free
3) The word 'adorn' in the above or you can be replaced by __________.
a. Garnish
b. Enhance
c. Beautify
d. Ornamental
4) ..........'world where' is an example of ________.
a. Metaphor
b. Imagery
c. Allusion
d. Alliteration

5) The tone of the poet in the poem is of ___________.
a. Optimism
b. Regret
c. Happiness
d. Sorrow

1) a.
2) b.
3) c.
4) d.
5) a.

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