I.  Fill in the blanks using suitable connectors:

Even though; inspite of; however; whereas; while; what’s more


He went to college today (a) _____________ he wasn’t feeling very well. He always stands first in the class (b) __________ his friends never fare well in studies as they are lazy. (c) ________, they are rich, (d) ________ he has to take tuitions to make both ends meet. He is determined to fulfill his goals (e) ___________ the hurdles he has to face. He has the right attitude, (f) ____________, he is intelligent. He is sure to succeed one day.

The answes are as follows:-

(a) even though

(b) however

(c) whereas

(d) while

(e) in spite of

(f) what's more

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Sorry, the spelling of 'answers'  is wrong :-)

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{1}even though.




{5}inspite of

{6}what's more.....

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even though
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