I. Fill in the blanks with the suitable form of the verb:

1)  The   chief   with   all   his   men   ______  killed.   (was   /   were)
2)   Wood   and   oil   ____  lighter   than   water.   (are   /   is)
3)   Each   of   these   boys   ____   passed.   (has   /   have)
4)   Every   one   of   the   students   ___  is   right.   (is   /   are)
5)   Few   people   _____   able   to   keep   a   secret.   (is   /   are)

Experts please answer


4)The answer is already there next to the space given to answer.But the correct answer is "is"
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1) Was (2) are (3) has (4) That 4th answers in already in question . But the answer is (is)
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