I had asked that how: (-)(-)= (+). I saw that in that, (-) (+) = (-)... Prove how(-) (+) = (-). I am asking this again. Sorry for the impatience. I know experts have to see quite a many questions globally, so there may be some time taken to answer the questions.. So, just see to this a little soon.

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1) ++=+2) --=+3) +-=- or +   It depends on the sign  of greater number .Example 4-5=-1 because 5 >4 so we will consider - sign for the final solution,similarly if we have 6-5=1 because 6>5 so we will consider + sign for the final solution.4) -+=- or +   It depends on the sign  of greater number .Example -5+4=-1 because 5 >4 so we will consider - sign for the final solution,similarly if we have -4+5=1 because 5>4 so we will consider + sign for the final solution.

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If there are different signs they subtract and when there signs are same then they add..let's see an example=1. (-3+3)=0(because there signs are different)2. (-3-3)=6(because there signs are same) Hope it helps....and also please help my channel to grow by subscribing it....my channel name is 'Sticky paperqueen'...if you like my videos give a thumbs up...
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example -11+5 = -6
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example -11+5 =-6
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It is a fact that (-) (+) = (-)
for example  -13+2= -11
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Actually its the law of integer as we have studied in our school .It is the basic concept in which <-> <-> =<+> so its not the complicated case that you have asked ..sorry for unrespect but don't mind  

-Satvik Phour

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You all are just telling or repeating the same law... But it is definitely not a formal proof. You just repeated the same rule by just taking the example. But can you say how this happened : (-)(+)=(-)? You know when I had asked (-)(-)=(+)..The expert( Brijendra Pal sir) gave me very accurate formal proof using just distributive law or property.. So please be specific...
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