I HAD ASKED THE  BELOW QUESTION. EXPERT(Roshini ma'am)  REPLIED THAT WE DON'T USE "SHALL" IN FUTURE PERFECT TENSE. BUT, In my English Evergreen book, it is mentioned that any one of them (will/shall) can be used in Future perfect tense as per the given sentence. But, it is not given where to use will and where to use shall. So, wanted to ask where to use "will" ans where to use "shall". 

  • We use the structure "Subject + will/shall + have + Verb3" for sentences of Future perfect tense. Till now I have only seen sentences of Future perfect tense with "will" only. Thus, Kindly the experts guide me with the cases where we typically use "Will" and "Shall" for Future perfect tenses.
  • Means please tell the cases and conditions where we should use "Will" and where to use "Shall" in sentences of future perfect tense. I am asking this  because not in every cases we use "shall" and even not in every cases we should use "Will". 
  • {{{ The following structure is there in my Evergreen Commutative book of English}}}


Dear Student,

'Will' and 'Shall' are used for Future tense. You can use either of them. Usually, Rules say that with 1st Person Singular/Plural, we use 'Shall'.  However, in many cases you may find variations. 

With requests and  advices, we usually use  'Will' . 

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

If you have any more doubts just ask here on the forum and our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible.



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let the answer be x
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U can use will/shall because they are connecting to a sentence which is future
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Nowadays will and shall both of them are same but in olden English it was mentioned that "will" should be used with second and third person (you , she , he ) Ex- She will come tomorrow and "shall" should be used with first person( I , we) Ex- I shall buy this book next month
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