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1. Harris and George were as bad as the narrator when it came to packing. The narrator believed that he was better at packing. He knew that Harris and George could not pack properly, so he left them with packing just the food basket. They started by breaking a cup, then squashed a tomato under the bottle of jam. Then, they packed the pies at the bottom of the hamper, thus squashing them. They stepped on the butter, tried to pack it in a kettle, sat on it and spread it all over the room before packing it in the kettle again. They were rather clumsy when it came to packing.

2. It is extremely important to plan one's packing. The first thing to keep in mind is the destination: its weather and climatic conditions. The next thing to consider is the duration of the trip. Then, one needs to keep in mind the mode of transport taken for the trip. If the packing is a well-planned activity, then one can be sure of packing all the essentials: clothes, shoes, snacks, toiletries, medicines, etc.


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