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Answer 4th question.
Q.4. A shopkeeper buys an article at a discount of 30 % and pays sales tax at the rate of 6 %. The shopkeeper sells the article to a consumer at 10 % discount on the list price and charges sales tax at the same rate. If the list price of the article is Rs. 3000, find
(i) the price inclusive of sales tax paid by the shopkeeper.
(ii) the price paid by the consumer.
(iii) the VAT paid by the shopkeeper.

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List price of the article=3000since shopkeeper got discountof 30%.Hence shopkeeper paid 3000-30100×3000=3000-900=2100Consumer got 10% discount on list priceHence 3000-3000×10100=3000-300=2700Profit earned By shopkeeper= 2700-2100=600i) sales tax paid by shopkeeper=6% of profit=6100×600=36Price inclusive of sales tax paid by shopkeeper= 2100+36=2136ii) Price paid by consumer=2700+sales tax 6% on 2700=2700+6100×2700=2700+162=2862iii) VAT paid by shopkeeper= 6% of profit=6100×600=36


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