I have selected effect of hair dyes on hair for investigatory project in biology . Plz tell how to proceed.
I know that this is a creative activity meant to be done by the students based on their understanding and imagination. But plz give just an idea how to do the investigation.

Dear student,
Perform an experiment to check the strength of hair when the hair is not dyed at all. Then again conduct the same experiment to analyse the strength of hair by dyeing with different brand of dyes and check the strength again. By conducting such experiment you can conclude which brand of dye is weakening the strength of hair and which has less side effects on hair.


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U can select hair dyes of various brands say 5 brands and then analyze the effects chemically as well as biologically ​ i.e effect of hair ​dyes on composition of hair. Based on the observations u may also find out the best hairdye that could be effectively used by everyone

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