I have to make an investigatory project on biopiracy please tell me what should I include in my project

Dear student.

This is a creative activity meant to be done by the students based on their understanding and imagination. We recommend you to perform this activity on your own and revert to us for feedback.

Many natural things are highly beneficial. The local people of the place where the useful object is found have knowledge about these things and they pass it on from one generation to the other. This knowledge may be recorded or else may just be verbally passed on. Now, suppose a few representatives of a company arrive at the local place where the good is available, gather knowledge by talking with the local people, and then apply for a patent on that useful thing. Once patented the product becomes the sole property of these people. They can thus earn a lot using the useful substance. In this process, they cheated the local people of their useful natural substance as well as their knowledge. This is called biopiracy. Here goods having useful natural substances are patented by cheating the indigenous people who had been using this knowledge since years.

The two ways to get rid of biopiracy are:

1. There should be strict legal laws that can guide regarding what can be included or excluded from Patentability.  Natural things are highly beneficial to common people should be excluded from patents.

2.  There should be a digital library that possesses information of all the natural and useful products, made available everywhere to fight biopiracy and unethical patents.


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