i have to make an project on economics. the topic is to interview an enterpruner

It’s interesting.

Like I earlier suggested to one of the students, projects are a break in the monotony of classroom studying and mainstream study that we do!!

So, to interview an entrepreneur what you need first is a basic instinct about interviewing and some basic knowledge about the field of business he/she is in.

To start with questionnaire, you can go about following some points :

1. Basic details.

2. How he/she came into the business?

3. Why that kind of business?

4. Going by the definition of entrepreneur, they work for profits. How much it is true?

5. SWOT analysis. Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat of being in the business and at that position.

6. Keeping in view the present market scenario, where does his/her business stands?

So, these can be some of the point to go about. In addition to the questionnaire, you can write about your experience. You should also give an “Introduction” to the project which can include general state of market and different businesses going on in India and world and what made you choose the project.

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