i have to make model on any topic from our business syllabus i have chosen social responsibilities.Dear experts plz suggest me how can i do it

Hi Rachna,
You have chosen a very great topic, in which a lot of creativity can be done and you can score outstanding marks. Let us go through the details around which your project can revolve.
First of all, you need to choose a company/business organisation and do some research on it. After this, you can start your project with the meaning and need of social responsibility, then you can write about the practices followed by your chosen company.
For example, the sanitation and cleanliness in and near the organisation, the charity programmes started by it, whether it is charging reasonable profits on the products on it or not, whether the employees working in the organisation are satisfied or not, whether the employees are given enough opportunities and good working conditions, whether it is paying tax or evading tax, whether it is following any pollution control measures or not, etc.

These are some of the topics on which you can talk about in your project. Click some pictures related to your observation to make your project more creative.

However, the basic structure of the project will remain the same, that is,


Objective of Study- To know the importance of social responsibility in modern business world. To know the practices adopted by the businessmen in order to fulfil their social obligations towards the society, workers, investors, environment and government.

Conclusion- Here, you can conclude to what extent the chosen company has adhered to the norms of social responsibility and how it has helped it in gaining importance in the market. How the company fulfilling social responsibility is considered superior than the ones not fulfilling it. 
Important Points for Project

While preparing the project, remember to include the following pointers:

1. Introduction about the topic.
2. Aim and Objective of the project.
3. Resources/Materials required Research Methodology (here you can write about the visit you made to a particular business organisation and share your experiences)
4. Observation and Analysis of the observation.
5. Conclusion based on Analysis and observations.
6. Further Application of the project.
7. Bibliography (stating the name of the books, website and magazines and newspapers along with their dates)

All the best!!

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