I have to write an article about sustainable development in reference to joshimath incident..can you please provide some points about joshimath that stresses on sustainable development

Here are a few points that shall help you in writing the article in reference to Joshimath incident.
  • The town of Joshimath in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district is sinking. More than 700 houses are known to have developed cracks and nearly 150 families have been moved to safer locations.
  • For years, we have been being warned that unchecked building activity, including the construction of dams, could jeopardise the lives and livelihoods of people not just in Uttarakhand but impact those living in downstream areas.
  • Experts say the present crisis has been caused by several factors including years of unplanned construction, hydropower projects and the lack of a proper drainage system.
  • To prevent erosion, we need to start work on war-footing note. For this, we should plan to demolish the establishments that are damaged badly so that they don’t harm the other nearby buildings.

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