I have written a formal reply to the invitation. Please check whether the format is correct or not. Also, do I have to enclose the formal and informal invitations and their replies in boxes ?

Dear Student,
Given below are few points that might help you.
  • You have not specified whether you are writing a letter.
  • In a formal letter, we do not use a box.
  • Also, include the subject of the letter after the salutation (Dear Sir)
  • You have not written in the first person. An example of the letter can be as follows:
    • It is my pleasure that you have chosen me to be the Chief Guest for the public function. However, I am disappointed to inform you that I have not been keeping well for the past few days. I am under medication and have been advised by the doctor to take rest for three weeks. Kindly understand the situation and accept my apologies.
I hope you find this answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team.
Thank you.

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Absolutely correct.
Enclose it in a box.
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Nice handwriting 😘
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Thanks Nonu and Anshu :)
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