(i) Identify the terms and their factors in the following expressions, show the terms and factors by tree diagram:

(a) {tex}x – 3{/tex}

(b) {tex}1 + x + {x^2}{/tex}

(c) {tex}y – {y^3}{/tex}

(d) {tex}5x{y^2} + 7{x^2}y{/tex}

(e) {tex} – ab + 2{b^2} – 3{a^2}{/tex}

(ii) Identify the terms and factors in the expressions given below:

(a) {tex} – 4x + 5{/tex}

(b) {tex} – 4x + 5y{/tex}

(c) {tex}5y + 3{y^2}{/tex}

(d) {tex}xy + 2{x^2}{y^2}{/tex}

(e) {tex}pq + q{/tex}

(f) {tex}1.2ab – 2.4b + 3.6a{/tex}

(g) {tex}frac{3}{4}x + frac{1}{4}{/tex}

(h) {tex}0.1{p^2} + 0.2{q^2}{/tex}

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