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Esa , asked a question
Subject: Hindi , asked on 20/8/15

I just want an essay on Vigyapan aur Hamara Jeevan in Hindi

Rosy , added an answer, on 13/8/12
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i am not able 2 write in hindi..written its error...

in english..

Advertising, one of the most common words in the existing world. Advertising is the thing which can change the whole outlook of the product depending on how much popular your product becomes.
Well, I feel that advertising do influence our lives. Generally, one would never go for a product he hasn't listened about or which is less popular and advertising is the one that leads to popularity. Its advertisements only that make people aware of your product. Its not that, only advertisements can be considered as the major deciding factor but its one of those major factors after quality,cost of the product etc.
I would like to make my point clear by the following example:
The cola companies, one of the leading companies of the world suddenly faced depreciation despite of being famous personalities involved in the advertisements because  of the pesticides scenario or we can say it quality of the product. Its advertisement only which led them to the top but its quality which dropped them.

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Esa , added an answer, on 20/8/15
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i donot know
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Ramanpreet Kaur , added an answer, on 12/5/15
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Vigyapan aur hamare jeevan ka buhat gehra sambad hai.aaj har ek cheej vigyapan se hi sale hoti hai.jese clothes,furniture , paint,machines etc.
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