i need a summary of "the little girl" of class 9 english.

"The Little Girl" is a short story written by ‚ÄčKatherine Mansfield.This story is depicted around a little girl named Kezia.When her father gets home from work it used to be her job to remove his boots.Mother told Kezia that this was her reward for being a "good girl".Kezia has a problem of stutter but only when she talks with her father.One day a crisis occurs in the family.Father was set to prepare the speech for port authority board but he could not find the speech anywhere in the house.It turns out that Keiza had taken the papers and tore it to stuff the pin-cushion which she was planning to gift her father.When father realizes that his speech is torn off,he becomes very angry and punishes Kezia for her mistake.
           There lived ‚Äčthe McDonald family,next door to the house of Kezia.She is surprised to see loving father play with his children and sees that children have no fear of their father.She comes to know that not all fathers are the same.A sudden change of event happens when her mother falls ill and she goes to sleep in her father's lap to find solace.While consoling his daughter he seems to be a nice person.Now Kezia understands he is not able to give time to the family because he has a very busy schedule.This story shows how children accept their parents as persons with their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

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