i need an article on the topic 'Enormous wastage of food at parties while many poor people lack minimum food...

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                                                                    ENORMOUS WASTAGE OF FOOD
After the trend of home parties almost 40% of food had been wasted in only India.

Yes, the ignorance of food is started after the culture of parties because people order or cook more food than their need.Hence the food is wasted in an enormous manner.People are careless in the saving of food, they even don't know the importance of importance of food. They should ask from the people who don't get food to eat. They would be surprised after the conversation.

Yes, there is much importance of food as the importance of car,home,lifestyle etc. Even the Municipal Corporation in Mumbai tells the people that they have not to throw food in dustbin,but they can give it to anyone needy. 

So, at last I would say that we have to take food as much as our requriement or give it anyone needy.  
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