I need to answer all these questions

I need to answer all these questions pug a. g cu op

Dear Student,

Digestive system

1. Mouth to Anus

2. Rugae is a term that commonly means series of ridges produced by folding of the wall of an organ. 

The innermost layer  forms irregular folds  in the stomach called rugae. Gastric rugae can also be called  gastric folds. They allow the stomach, or other tissue, to expand when needed, as in time when  the stomach fills. The rugae in stomach unfolds at the time of filling in order to provide more surface for food.

3. Mouth  Pharynx   Oesophagus  Stomach  Small intestine  Large intestine

4. Through Umbilical cord (helps in exchanging of materials from mother to foetus)

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

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