​I searched on google what is the density of sulfuric acid.It said 1.84g/cm^3.I told this to my science teacher but instead the teacher asked me how can you say that the density of sulfuric acid is 1.84 g/cm^3.I was stuck in giving the answer. So please can you prove that density of sulfuric acid = 1.84 g/cm^3.

(The question related to this query was :- 10ml of H2SO4 is dissolved in 90ml of water. Calculate mass by volume percent of solution.)

( I didn't get the answer asked earlier so I am asking again.)

The solution is as follows:

1. The density of an y substance is calculated by the formula:

               Density = Mass(in g)Volume (in cm3)

2. However, the data on google in a standard one. It is cliche, but, the data online is not reliable also.
  So, as you have 1.83 g/cm3 as the density of sulphuric acid. But this information is for the 98% solution of sulphuric acid in water and not 100 % sulphuric acid. The concentration of 98% solution is approximately 18 g/L.

3. In order to calculate density of any substance use the formula above. 

4. ​

mass of sulphuric acid dissolved in water = density x volume = 1.84 x 10 = 18.4 g

Further, volume of solution = 10+ 90 = 100 ml

So, we see that. 100ml sulphuric acid solution has 18.4 g of H   SO  4

So, Concentration of solution(m/V%) = 18.4/100 x100 = 18.4 %


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