I want 3 set of dialogue between A pen a student

Such questions are asked to help in building your writing as well as creative skills, hence an attempt at answering them on your own should be made. However, you can incorporate and elaborate upon the points mentioned below to form your own answer:

Student: I love how the way my handwriting looks when I write with you.
Pen: I was designed to give the best effect.

Student:  I've owned you for so many years and yet you've never failed me
Pen: You've treated me with respect and care so I too have tried to take care of you.

Student: There is a charm in writing with a fountain pen, it gives me such an old world feeling.
Pen: In it lies the secret to good handwriting, till date fountain pens are used for calligraphy, since provide the best medium for it.

You can continue so on, and so forth.

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